my name is zackĀ  i like to play video games and ride my bike and play with friends.

my interests are video games i play them for at leastĀ 1 hour after school and then i go to my friends or they come around for a couple of hours

hobbies:model cars,statues,all that collectable stuff and lego also riding my bike.

sports i like:i like afl,cricket,ect,ect

things i do after school:on mondays i go boxing practise and than i go to my dads and then i go home on every other day i go to my mums house and some of my friends come around.

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  1. Great to see you taking part in the blogging challenge, Zack. Make sure you add the link to your blogroll and also the page labelled ‘Sept. 2010 students’ so you can visit other students around the world quickly and easily.

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