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hello guys and girls my name is zack and i have an xbox i like games like halo mw2 and other r.d.s or rpg games,my fav kind of games are first person shooter and if you have xbox live add me.

my gamertag is(da best z man)exactely like it is also my friend called travis is getting xbox live soon so add him his gamertag is (ChEEsPoP)the e’s and p’s are capitals ok and mine are no capitals at all look for him in the cristmas holies well thanks for reading my blog zack out

p.s my friends blog is

9 thoughts on “xbox live

  1. awesome blog i love xbox 360 too. Im awesome at xbox live. I am tenth prestige on Modern Warfare 2.Trust me i will keep comenting on your page!!!

  2. hiii zackk(:
    i like your post. i thnk its pretty interesting. i can see that you like monkeys thats coool(: i’m sitting next to my friiend zach, and you guys have the same name haha. well, have a good day(: i like your blog, by the waaaaay.

  3. Hey Zack! This blog is cool. What all other games do you have.I will add you to my account sometime. Well get back to me and comment back.

  4. hey man my name is mcgyverfms63 here and i have mw2 2! my gamertag is knda dumb but who cares MY gamertag is mcgyver and dad ok thanks p.s i love your black ops and halo reach avtar. You should go to my edublogs ! It is . but i cant put waht ever i want so it like essaays that my teacher wants me to do well cya!

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