Mary Makillop

Mary Helen MacKillop(15 January 1842 – 8 August 1909), also known as Saint Mary of the cross, was an Australian Roman Catholic nun who, together with Father Julian Woods, founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and a number of schools throughout Australasia with an emphasis on education for the poor, particularly in country areas. Since her death she has attracted much attention in Australia and internationally. MacKillop is the only Australian to have been canonised which means she is being turned into a saint.Some people don’t want here to be a saint or to be canonised and probably don’t believe in miracles or are a different religion.she has also made 2 miracles

#1 she cured a lady of lukemia in 1961 and

#2 she cured a man of lung cancer in the 1990’s these miricals where aprroved by the vatican

 She was canonised on 17 October 2010 during a public ceremony in St Peter’s Square at the Vatican making her the first Australian to be recognised by the Roman Catholic Church as a saint.MacKillop died on 8 August 1909The Archbishop of Sydney stated that: “I consider this day to have assisted at the deathbed of a Saint.After MacKillop’s burial, people continually took earth from around her grave. As a result, her remains were exhumed and transferred on 27 January 1914 to a vault

xbox live

hello guys and girls my name is zack and i have an xbox i like games like halo mw2 and other r.d.s or rpg games,my fav kind of games are first person shooter and if you have xbox live add me.

my gamertag is(da best z man)exactely like it is also my friend called travis is getting xbox live soon so add him his gamertag is (ChEEsPoP)the e’s and p’s are capitals ok and mine are no capitals at all look for him in the cristmas holies well thanks for reading my blog zack out

p.s my friends blog is

Gold price

Gold has hit the top at the moment.It is very hard  to pick up also is measured in ounces.The name is from the old English word is very rare to find and considered is valued for its shine.Before that, people would use things like stones or feathers to buy or swap items like food, clothing and has been tresured since the start of man{and woman}

amazing facts i found are:

The largest gold nugget ever found was the ‘Welcome Stranger’ found in 1869 just under the soil at the base of a tree! It weighed 70 kg and on today’s value would be worth over 1 million dollars. what a great find!

also the term ‘digger’, the nickname for Australian soldiers fighting overseas, comes from the fact that many of the World War I soldiers had literally been diggers in the goldfields just before the war. 

Although we don’t see people use gold as money any more, it’s still being traded.

So with gold becoming more valuable, we could see more people investing in the precious metal.%E8%B6%85%E5%A4%A7%E9%87%91%E7%A3%9A%28The+big+220+kilograms+gold+nugget+in+99.9%25+purity.+%29

`about me

my name is zack  i like to play video games and ride my bike and play with friends.

my interests are video games i play them for at least 1 hour after school and then i go to my friends or they come around for a couple of hours

hobbies:model cars,statues,all that collectable stuff and lego also riding my bike.

sports i like:i like afl,cricket,ect,ect

things i do after school:on mondays i go boxing practise and than i go to my dads and then i go home on every other day i go to my mums house and some of my friends come around.

b.t.n window shopping!

when buying pet shops that sell dogs and cats in glass cages,they look ok in them well some people think its animal cruelty and want to ban the glass cages but there is a pet shop owner who doesn’t put the animals in the front windows but puts them in the middle of the shop so people don’t scare them and he also takes them home after he closes the store.have you ever wondered what happens when the store closes well some people leave them there all night but get left with a professional animal handler.if you don’t want to bye a dog from a pet shop there is always animal shelters where you can adopt homeless cats and dogs.Play

goals for term 2

in term 2 i am going well with my reading and my talking skills but in maths i have had a bit of  a boost and i am in 144+ which is the highest i can go but i am a bit dodgy at my times and stuff.

my litracy goal is to get better at my spelling,my maths goal is to get better at my times and i want to finish every thing i have done i.e homework. and i my goal for reading is to read a 995 page book in 10 days i am getting there.

spy goats b.t.n

did you  kangaroo island  is over run by goats? well on the island there are goats eating all the food and the other wildlife like the indangerd parrots that are there the goats are eating a plant that the birds only eat berrys on the plant.but there is something going on the goats are being captured and turned into SPY GOATS they follow the other feral goats and the people getting them will find them so there is only about 100 goats on the island now and they hope ther will be more.

btn 4:graphic novels

we all know those books called comic books right welll its about to get educational with graphic novels.

graphic novels are like comic books but they are not just for super heros but for lots of things like history,technoligy ect so soon you will be seeing alot of graphic novels

book review 2:halo fall of reach

.this is about how they find a boy named jhon he is one of 105 kids to be in the spartan 2 progect.

the spartan 2 progect is a bunch of kids all the age of 5 are turned into cyborg super solders and the planet they are taken to Reach.

reach is somehow taken over by an alian race known as the covanant and jhon is one of the only spartan 2s left